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Facing Criminal Charges

The worst thing you can do when facing criminal charges is to take the accusation against you lightly. Wyoming is tough on crime, and a criminal conviction could hurt your life for years after you complete your sentence. So use your right to counsel and hire a criminal defense attorney who will fight for you until the very end.

At the Kent Spence Law Firm, we don’t take shortcuts with your life. We will investigate every aspect of your case to build a robust criminal defense and protect your innocence. Attorney Spence will listen to your concerns and offer viable solutions. Don’t let your charges turn into a nasty conviction. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

The Kent Spence Law Firm Criminal Defense Practice Areas

All criminal charges warrant the legal advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Kent Spence Law Firm, we handle a variety of criminal defense cases including, but not limited to, those involving domestic violence, assault, drug crimes, and theft.

Domestic Violence/ Assault Cases

According to Wyoming’s domestic violence laws, any person who is guilty of simple assault/ battery against a household member is subject to stiff penalties (up to a possible felony charge) depending on the degree of violence and whether or not they have prior convictions for violent domestic crimes. A misdemeanor charge risks a sentence of up to a $750 criminal fine, a six-month jail sentence, or both. Meanwhile, a felony charge is punishable by a maximum of five years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

If your facing domestic violence or assault charges, the Kent Spence Law Firm can help get them reduced or entirely dismissed.

It’s vital that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help with your case. A conviction of a drug charge could be devastating. Call us today to discuss your options.


The severity and consequences of theft charges vary widely in Wyoming. Larceny encompasses most theft crimes including shoplifting, identity theft, robbery, burglary, and auto theft. A larceny conviction could change your life for years to come, so it’s crucial that you hire an experienced attorney. At the Kent Spence Law Firm, we have the knowledge and tenacity needed to get clients results. We also handle white-collar theft crimes like forgery and embezzlement.

Call us today for quality legal representation you can trust.

Get Started on Your Criminal Defense Today!

A fundamental principle of our American judicial system is that we are all innocent until proven guilty. Your reputation and good name are valuable, so protect it against criminal charges that threaten your livelihood and freedom. Speak about your options with an experienced criminal defense attorney before pleading guilty or attempting to handle your case alone.

At the Kent Spence Law Firm, we have years of precious experience handling criminal defense cases of all levels. Our legal team will work hard to build you a robust criminal defense to have the charges filed against you dropped or reduced. We handle cases in Jackson, Wyoming and federal cases throughout the United States. Call us to schedule a free consultation and start protecting your innocence today.

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