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Let’s face it: not everyone drives the way you do, behaves the way you do, nor cares about others the way you do. Assuming that you drive carefully and cautiously, navigating the roads is just one example of the way that accidents can happen instantaneously, on a daily basis. It is a shame that when you get in your car, go to work, or leave the house–you are at risk of an accident. However, this is simply a truth that we must come to terms with when going about our daily lives.


Sometimes, it can take years to resolve and heal from a personal injury. It takes much more than a witness simply verifying the events of the incident, or providing your medical records. It is important to have a dedicated law firm on your side to seek proper compensation and benefits so that you don’t have to deal with extra expenses. When you’re up against a wall in a personal injury case, finding the right personal injury lawyer may be the key to getting back on your feet and moving forward with your life.

Wyoming Personal Injury Protection

So, what is a personal injury case? A personal injury case occurs when a person or business neglects to follow reasonable safety standards and this neglect results in harm or injury to an innocent person. The resulting injury is thus a personal injury that should be pursued in the court of law if the victim hopes to recover damages for hardships caused. The law states that you can file a claim for damages and expenses to make up for the entity’s negligence and support the victim in regaining their quality of life to the fullest extent possible.

When you decide to file a lawsuit, you immediately become the plaintiff, and the other entity responsible for the accident becomes the defendant. Like many cases, your case will most likely get settled before it goes to trial. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury in Wyoming, and victims that hope to account for medical expenses for treatments that may help restore their previous quality of life will need a passionate personal injury lawyer in their corner.

When you get into an accident, no matter who’s at fault, the last thing you need is to wait for a personal injury protection policy to kick in. This protection acts as an extension to your car insurance which covers medical expenses, lost wages, and other cases. Such protection varies from state to state, but in Wyoming, you must file your suit within four years from the date of your injury even if your case hasn’t come to a resolution.

Kent Spence Law takes on Personal Injury Cases in Wyoming and throughout the United States

It is important to find a compassionate personal injury lawyer that is experienced with such cases and is empathetic to your position. The Kent Spence Law Firm offers justice and support through the most costly and difficult decisions of your case. Attorney Spence, past president of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association from 2004 to 2005, takes on Wyoming and National cases against large corporations, insurance companies and the government on behalf of ordinary people.   In 2008, Attorney Spence was honored as one of the top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association in Wyoming and has annually maintained that honor.

Attorney Kent Spence concentrates in wrongful death, aviation accidents, medical malpractice, trucking accidents, automobile accidents, products liability, nursing home cases, explosion accidents, oilfield accidents, industrial accidents, construction accidents, mining accidents, civil rights cases, burn cases, brain injury cases, criminal defense, and other areas of practice. If you or a loved one are experiencing a traumatic personal injury or wrongful death case, you should consider contacting the Kent Spence Law Firm. If you’ve fallen victim to a personal injury accident, you need a compassionate attorney that concentrates in personal injury law in Wyoming.

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