Aviation Accident Lawyer in Wyoming

Although technology may be advancing rapidly, airplanes remain capable of malfunctions that lead to accidents. The size of the carrier may vary, but whether the craft is commercial or personal, risk of injury remains. Internal and external factors can make an aviation incident one of the most dangerous events you may ever experience.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

An aviation accident is commonly the fault of the airport or the pilots. Poor maintenance, defective parts, improper flight planning, and official error may all cause accidents. As a passenger, many of the causes of aviation accidents are out of your control.

Aviation Accident Effects

Aviation accidents have a documented history of the ability to inflict severe or fatal injury. Damage to different parts of the body will likely require a multidisciplinary approach to evaluation and treatment. A spinal injury requires different care than brain trauma–two plausible injury scenarios. Physical injuries are, of course, entirely separate from emotional or mental injuries, which are also possible following a traumatic accident.

Recovering from an Accident

When you are in an aviation accident, there is no telling how severe or permanent your injuries may be. Recovery may take months or years. A legal representative can help connect you with the appropriate medical practitioners and begin to strategize an appropriate legal plan going forward.


The financial strain can worsen with accumulating medical bills, debts, and the inability to work, which is why it is imperative that you employ legal counsel to represent your interests. Work with us to find the liable party so that you receive proper compensation where appropriate.

Liability and Compensation

Determining the liable party in an aviation accident is a complicated matter. There are so many factors that play into why an accident occurred and where responsibility lies. The causes for aviation accidents include collision, loss of control, mechanical failure, and fuel issues.

Weather, mechanical issues, staff problems, and environmental obstacles are all aviation hazards. Using official reports, we work to look into all these factors to find out where fault lies.


We work to place fault and from there help you seek compensation for injuries or trauma. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering all need to be addressed by the responsible parties. Certain pains or traumas can mount up to millions of dollars in damages. A personal injury lawyer will be able to overview your case and discuss your options for compensation.  

The Kent Spence Law Firm Represents Victims of Aviation Accidents Nationwide

Our law firm knows that aviation accidents result in injuries that can last a lifetime. With the legal help of our lawyers at Kent Spence Law Firm, you can build up your case to submit a solid claim to the courts. Call us today so that we can start working on your case together. We can provide a free consultation session on your case.

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