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Car accidents happen more often than you think. Reckless driving, simply not paying attention, and speeding, among other things, are just a few offenses that make the road an unsafe place.  In 2013, Wyoming ranked number seven for car accident-related deaths in the United States. Car accidents can be traumatic later on, accruing expenses from loss of work, car trouble, and more importantly, health issues and even death. If you’re faced with the devastation of an automobile accident, you will likely need more than just your insurance company to get you the compensation you need.

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In 2012 alone, 12.6% of motorists were uninsured. It is possible for you to get into an accident with a driver who has some liability insurance but not enough to cover the medical bills and damages to your vehicle. When you are faced with an accident where the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured, the benefits and consequences differ in each state and some states even consider them ‘tort’ or ‘no fault.’ In no-fault states, the drivers are encouraged to handle this case with their own insurance companies without the question of ‘who’s at fault’ ever being considered. In tort states, the insurance company of the person who is at fault will pay for both damages.

Being underinsured is also a problem for the insured driver. Underinsured and uninsured drivers pose a hazard to those of us who drive by the rules. Even when the responsible party has full coverage, it doesn’t mean that you file a claim, go to court, win your case, and walk away with compensation for your loss. It is essential that you provide adequate proof and supporting information before you even consider a court case.

Sadly, individuals who have the bare minimum or no insurance at all are often uncollectible, meaning that they have nothing of value (i.e., assets, money) to settle. The presence of a trusted lawyer is your next step. Never suffer through the aftermath of a car accident without the help of a lawyer, even if you have proof that the other party was at fault. Your car accident lawyer can walk you through the important information that is required to present an impermeable case.

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Whether a fender bender or wreckage, don’t deal with your accident alone. Attorney Kent Spence will make a difference and fight for your case. Kent Spence was named one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Wyoming by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Spence has been practicing in the law field for over 30 years under the tutelage of his esteemed father, Gerry Spence, and holds degrees in philosophy from the University of Montana and a Juris Doctor from Mercer University.

Kent Spence Law Firm will go above and beyond the call of duty, and assume each case with a personal and honest approach. If you are a victim of a car accident, you should consider calling the Kent Spence Law Firm.

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