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Animal injuries are quite prevalent, especially with certain breeds of dogs. This isn’t to say that each dog can’t be trained, but some breeds have been known to show more fear and resulting aggression than others. The fact is, sometimes–dogs become aggressive. They are animals after all. This still doesn’t make the situation any more justifiable by the owner should you suffer an attack from a dog.

Regardless of the circumstance, kid or adult, you are now a victim of a dog bite. No one likes to press charges or take legal action, but a lawyer that concentrates in dog bite cases is beneficial in such circumstances–for your health now and in the future.

Law Governing Dog Bite Incidents in Wyoming

Children are naturally drawn to dogs, no matter what size or appearance. They immediately want to pet their heads, hug them, and run from them so they can be chased. And adults love petting dogs too! In all states, the law holds the pet owner responsible for the action of the pet, so if you or a loved one experiences a dog bite or attack–you should explore your options for dealing with this trauma with a professional.

Common law in every state shows that all owners are reliable for dog attacks; however, some states actually maintain a dog bite statute. In any case, the owner should be sufficiently responsible for the dog no matter the circumstances. If you’re the victim of a dog bite, you will need to seek medical attention first, contact the owner of the dog if they aren’t yet aware, file a dog bite report with the information you have gathered and pictures of the wound, and always contact an attorney with documented experience in such cases.

You will want to record details about the progression of the bite throughout the healing process to ensure safety. Keeping a journal to make notes of any changes or occurrences after the bite is another helpful way to keep track of any medical expenses that you will need reimbursement for. One out of five dog bites becomes infected. This is why it’s imperative to track your progression through the days ahead.

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It is best to contact a trusted and reliable lawyer immediately following a dog bite incident in order to help with any potentially frustrating medical and logistic issues before they begin. Kent Spence has been taking on big and small cases for over 30 years and is honored with the recognition of being named one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Wyoming by the National Trial Lawyers Association. While Kent Spence is based in Wyoming, he takes cases throughout the United States. His honest and trustworthy values will help you win your case. If you or your loved one has recently been a victim of a dog bite, you need the passionate service of Kent Spence Law to assist with your case.


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