Explosion Accident Lawyer in Wyoming

Experiencing an explosion is a traumatic event not only physically, but cognitively and emotionally. There is no telling how you will react to sudden force, pressure, shrapnel, and debris, not to mention the aftermath of shock and trauma. Although an explosion can happy anywhere, there are a few common causes of explosions in the workplace and at home.

Common Causes of an Explosion

A legal representative can appoint professionals to determine the cause of an explosion and identify the parties who are responsible. The potential for injury varies depending on the type of explosion. The most common causes of explosions can happen at a moment’s notice and leave many lives in shambles.


Reports show that that gas explosions and their consequent fires cause injuries and death in this country annually. Many buildings use gas on a daily basis, meaning that the potential for an explosion can be one mistake away. When a workplace or home explosion happens, the gas company, landlord, and state must be evaluated to determine the cause of the incident.


When a battery or battery pack is faulty or exposed to extreme conditions, it can explode and cause serious injury. Smaller objects near batteries can explode leaving chemical burns, scarring, and disfigurement. Reports show that larger batteries such as those for cars can blind people or cause serious bodily damage when they explode. Faulty batteries can be the responsibility of manufacturers and other associated parties.


Explosions can occur when working around flammable chemicals, which are common in environments like oil refineries, chemical plants, or industrial complexes. Reports show that explosions and the fires in these areas lead to annual property damages, injuries, and deaths. It is the responsibility of employers and companies to a ensure safe work environment for their employees, free of unplanned explosions.

Recovering from an Explosion

The CDC reports that the body’s reaction to sudden force, pressure, and accompanying debris ranges widely. Aside from the obvious effects, internal damage can affect the brain or lungs. After an explosion, a medical professional will need to evaluate you fully and account for all injuries so that recovery can begin and a legal strategy can be formulated.

Medical Bills after an Explosion

After a severe explosion, you may accrue extremely high medical fees. If your injuries are severe, your ability to sustain an income could slow down or stop entirely. Many survivors find that they are facing bills they simply cannot pay. Seeking out compensation from the parties at fault may be the best option you have to pay for medical debts and additional costs.  


You have the right to seek out compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Responsible parties often refuse to assume liability. Insurance companies can lull you into complacency with drawn-out bureaucratic processes. Depending on the damages, an explosive accident could lead to settlements worth millions of dollars. By employing legal assistance, you will have an advocate that seeks out the compensation owed to you.

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