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Each year, defective products cause injury and death to hundreds of thousands of individuals, a serious issue for consumers everywhere. Businesses – including stores, manufacturers, and distributors have a duty to their customers to be truthful about their products and to make them safe for use and consumption. However, there are some that either slip under the radar or are deliberately put onto the shelves, despite being unsafe. This can result in disaster – at the expense of the consumer.

If you or someone you know was harmed due to a defective product, it is crucial that you contact an experienced product liability lawyer as soon as possible.  At The Kent Spence Law Firm, we take pride in knowing that we have already helped many clients receive the compensation they deserved for their injury or death due to a faulty product. Product liability is a difficult area of practice.  In order to receive help for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, etc., you need to work with a skilled personal injury attorney.

Types of Defective Products in Wyoming

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes and from endless industries including:

  • Defective and faulty medical devices
  • Automobile defects
  • Defective toys
  • Harmful household products
  • Defective drugs
  • Defective and faulty machinery
  • Defectively designed industrial equipment


Products can be defective in design, in the manufacturing process, and even faulty in marketing, including labeling and packaging.

Regardless of the defective or faulty product it is imperative that you speak to an experienced product liability law firm so that they can assist you with your case. These cases are complicated, extensive and require access to resources and knowledge of the practice. At The Kent Spence Law Firm, we have the capacity to do both.  No case is too large.

When Do I Need A Product Liability Lawyer?

When you use a product over and over again, one can expect there to be considerable wear and tear which can degrade a product over time. However, this differs in comparison to a defective product which is actually not working as intended and consumers are knowingly withheld information concerning this defect or about the dangers of using the defective product.

If you experienced an injury as a result of a faulty product, reaching out to a product liability attorney who practices in Wyoming and throughout the US is vital to your case. At The Kent Spence Law Firm, we can help you better understand what recourse you have available against the company and the sooner that you contact us, the better chance we have of being able to build your case with evidence and testimony.

The Kent Spence Law Firm accepts clients in the Wyoming and Nationwide.

With the The Kent Spence Law Firm, you are guaranteed to receive only the best legal representation, personalized to your case. We treat each case with compassion and only with the utmost care. Before we make any decision, we will first fully understand your case. We will fight for you so that you can get the most compensation that you are owed and make sure that you don’t become a victim in the future.

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