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Slip and falls can happen to anyone. They can occur at work, in the grocery store, and even under the care of a medical professional. Falls create troublesome injuries that can linger and affect your quality of life, sometimes forever. So, what are your rights if you suffer a fall as the result of the property owner’s negligence and how do you make this case a smooth and easy process? Do you have evidence of what caused your slip and fall? These questions should be in the forefront of your mind as you handle the aftermath of your incident. It is the best course of action to have a lawyer that concentrates in slip and fall accidents in Wyoming and throughout the United States handle the contact with the owners of property/building and their attorneys.

Know Your Rights in Wyoming

There was a time not long ago when if you fell or slipped in a grocery store or on a neighbor’s property, there would be no charges placed. The thought was that accidents do happen and that if any issues arose from the fall, the responsible party would pay for medical expenses to the family. Nowadays, the entitlement of getting full compensation and benefits have increased drastically, bringing lawyers into the mix to help resolve these unfortunate cases. It is crucial to report all slips and falls no matter how minute the fall.  It is also important to go the ER at the hospital to have your injuries determined by a medical doctor.

Although you may not see or feel any significant damage at the time, there is no telling if it will cause problems in the future. Approximately 2.8 million elderly individuals suffer from broken bones or head injuries from falls each year. While you may take all the precautions necessary for steady balance and safe walking space, sometimes these accidents are unforeseen. Objects such as in construction zones, tools, ladders, paint cans, and even products being stocked are a likely cause of major slips and falls. You may not see it poking through a tarp or hidden behind a door.  They can happen almost anywhere.

The Slip and Fall Lawyers at Kent Spence Law Firm serves clients in Wyoming and throughout the United States.

Slips and falls can be very serious, especially when the pain comes down the road. Before you accept any exchange between the owner and yourself, have the Kent Spence Law Firm ensure that this issue gets dealt with properly for years to come. Kent Spence studied at the University of Montana and later received his Juris Doctor from Mercer University in Georgia. Kent Spence is known for taking cases big and small, from top corporations to smaller businesses and has been honored as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Wyoming by the National Trial Lawyers Association since 2008.

Let Kent Spence take your case and win you the honor you deserve. If you’ve experienced an accident, you need the slip and fall lawyers at the Kent Spence Law Firm. Don’t take this matter into your own hands. Down the road, this could end up more severe than you think.

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