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Sadly tragic accidents are prevalent in our world. Your loved ones would have too much to deal with should they be faced with such a traumatic circumstance as a death in the family. Loss of wages, funeral expenses and loss of care, comfort, love and society are some of the losses the survivors face.  Wrongful death in Wyoming or anywhere in the US that loved ones have a plan in place and a good lawyer to fight for them as it will likely result in a long, traumatic experiece. Seek legal advice from a trusted lawyer like Kent Spence Law Firm to get you the justice and peace of mind that you need.

Where the Proof Begins in Wyoming and Other States

When placing the blame seems like the logical option in your loved one’s time of suffering, the survivors of the victim tend to forget the real issue – proof. The immediate family member is soon responsible for the deceased from then on and in some states, should an immediate family member not be available, an extended family member is allowed to take on the case. In Wyoming alone, accident-related deaths are commonplace whether struck by an oncoming vehicle, negligence in the workplace or a victim of neglect from a caretaker, proof of wrongful death must happen. This requires proper investigation to gather the evidence to make the proof.

No one likes to prepare for these events; however, it is advisable to find all of the relevant information about the deceased victim. So, how do you prove a wrongful death? For example, if loved one died in an oil field accident or an industrial accident then negligence must be proven to win the case. It isn’t easy, especially when no one wants to believe that a company or worker  would do such an act, but it happens every day all over Wyoming and the United States.  

In most cases, it is perfectly normal and expected to deal with the emotional aspects during this traumatic time and forget to carry out any investigation to prove the wrongful death case. It is imperative to find a trusted lawyer like Kent Spence who has experience and nohow in these cases and who will provide you with the right legal strategy to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. If you’ve been left behind in a wrongful death of a loved one, you need to call the wrongful death attorneys at Kent Spence Law Firm as soon as possible.

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The Kent Spence Law Firm has been fighting for justice against big and small corporations alike for over 30 years. Graduating from University of Montana, Trial Lawyers College, and holding a Juris Doctor from Mercer University in Georgia, Kent Spence is also ranked among the top 100 trial lawyers in Wyoming by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Kent Spence has repeatedly over 30 years proven to be one of the nation’s top lawyers, fighting and winning serious cases, as he sympathizes with each person individually and honestly to ensure the best outcome.


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