Attorney Kent Spence and the Trial Lawyers College

When you find yourself in a legal situation that requires time-consuming and costly expenses, you need a lawyer that will not only assist your case but offer an empathic ear. Kent Spence is a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and has taught thousands of lawyers over the past 21 years at Trial Lawyers College. Attorney Spence completed his undergraduate training in philosophy at the University of Montana and his Juris Doctor at the Walter F. George School of Law in Georgia in 1986.

It wasn’t long after Law School that he became an advocate for individuals rights across the country. Gerry Spence, Kent’s father, created The Trial Lawyers College method by which Kent still teaches and applies in his law practice to this day. Kent brings his father’s lawful wisdom and his own to each case, providing each person with a sense of compassion, justice, and understanding. Kent was the President of Wyoming Trial Lawyers 2004-5 and since 2008, Kent has been honored as one of the top trial lawyers in Wyoming by the National Trial Lawyers Association. For over 30 years, Kent has helped individuals win against huge corporations and terrible wrongdoers.

Living by the TLC Mission Statement

As declared in the Trial Lawyers College Mission statement, lawyers, judges, and all judicial figures should be “committed to…obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, [and] the forgotten…”–words that Attorney Kent Spence has long adopted as a means of honing his craft as a voice for disenfranchised groups and individuals. Under the lifelong direction of his renowned and respected father, Attorney Gerry Spence, Kent Spence brings the knowledge and life experience refined over a lifetime to the Kent Spence Law Firm.