Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
US vs Randy Weaver


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Kaady vs City of Sandy, Oregon


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Gates vs City of Broomfield Colorado


Over $100 Million in Verdicts and Settlements in 30 years
Zack Nobel vs City of Broken Arrow, OK


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Bobby Taylor vs Freedom Arms – Defective Gun Case


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Mike Melton vs EnCana


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Nagel vs Harris County, TX

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Oil Rig Accident Lawyer in Park City

If you are involved in an accident near Park City, we are here to help. If you have suffered a painful oil rig accident due to someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Insurance companies play a big role in the outcome of your case. When an insurance company is slow to pay a claim in your oil rig accident case, it can be very frustrating for the person who has been injured. Oil rig accident cases can even go to court over an insurance company refusing to pay a claim. It is important to have the experience of The Kent Spence Law Firm representing your interests now. We will put forth an action plan to your oil rig accident case and get you the results you want. 


As a trusted oil rig accident firm, we help clients in the Park City area who have been injured in some way due to the fault of another’s actions. At The Kent Spence Law Firm, we provide our support and guidance throughout the oil rig accident claims process to ensure your confidence in the progress of your case. 

Oil rig accident or other accident can be tragic, and the financial burden that its potential hospitalization brings does nothing to help. The legal professionals of The Kent Spence Law Firm bring their experience in oil rig accident cases and other legal matters to help those of the Park City area. 

Call us at The Kent Spence Law Firm and let us handle your financial burden!

If you have suffered from oil rig accident related matters in the Park City area, do not let insurance companies harass you out of proper payout. Call our legal team at (307) 739-3955 for support today.

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