Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
US vs Randy Weaver


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Kaady vs City of Sandy, Oregon


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Gates vs City of Broomfield Colorado


Over $100 Million in Verdicts and Settlements in 30 years
Zack Nobel vs City of Broken Arrow, OK


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Bobby Taylor vs Freedom Arms – Defective Gun Case


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Mike Melton vs EnCana


Over $100 million in Verdicts & Settlements
Nagel vs Harris County, TX

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Wrongful Death Lawyer in Cheyenne

At The Kent Spence Law Firm, we are always getting new customers from the Cheyenne area with their questions about wrongful death cases and what they can expect. We tell them that, to truly understand just where they stand in their wrongful death case, we will sit down and go through the circumstances of the accident and any relevant details. Only after sitting down with our Cheyenne clients can we decide the best way to move forward. 

Our wrongful death practice covers even the most complicated of injury cases in the Cheyenne area. Everything from work accidents to car accidents, our legal team works hard to bring you results to which you are entitled in your wrongful death case. The people of The Kent Spence Law Firm conduct thorough reviews of each wrongful death case determining the witnesses you need to win your wrongful death case. 

Suffering from any wrongful death can be a life-altering experience, and finding reparations within our legal system is often confusing and frustrating. The Kent Spence Law Firm can make the process as easy as possible by taking great efforts to reassure our clients and explain their options. The professionals of The Kent Spence Law Firm handle personal injury cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to wrongful death. We are here to assist your wrongful death matter today and help you alleviate your suffering, both emotionally and financially. 

Contact us at The Kent Spence Law Firm for better representation in your wrongful death case today!

wrongful death cases in the Cheyenne area courts can be exhausting and confusing. Do not let local Cheyenne insurance companies use this to their advantage. Call us at (307) 739-3955 for professional representation today.

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