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Kent Spence

Kent Spence has been a trial lawyer fighting for the people nationwide for over 33 years.  Kent is a third-generation Wyoming Native.  Kent is the son of the nationally famous trial lawyer for the people Gerry Spence. Gerry is known for nationally publicized trials like the Karen Silkwood Case, Imelda Marcos criminal trial in NYC and the Randy Weaver case (“Standoff with the Feds in Northern Idaho-Ruby Ridge case”).  

Kent Spence had the great fortune to co-counsel trials with his father, attended most of Gerry’s nationally known cases and trained directly with him day after day in the court room. As a result, he often finds himself knowing just what to do in certain situations instinctually, having absorbed so much from being with Gerry in trial.

Kent, like Gerry, has only lost 2 civil trials and no criminal trials in his entire 33 year career. Like his father, Kent believes that everyone should have a fighting chance at justice. 

In Kent’s own words, “A real trial lawyer is somebody who fights only for human beings, not for corporations, banks, the government nor insurance companies, but for real people. The real trial lawyer can get down inside human beings to find out what actually happened to them, inside and out, and asks, how can I get full justice for them today?” 

Kent Spence is an attorney who always seeks justice, whether the odds are in his favor or not. His work ethic and his self-motivation have helped make him the success he is today. He never gives up and fights until the end. That’s why Kent has won hundreds of millions in verdicts and settlements in catastrophic injury and death cases. 

Early Life

Even though his father was very well known, Kent Spence had a very humble upbringing. Gerry wanted his children to understand the importance of hard work, so they spent their summer vacations working hard on the family cattle ranch from an early age during the summer. 

 Gerry took the kids on trips to the mountains horse-packing, back-packing, fishing and camping. He taught the children how to ride horses, fish and hunt. 

His father’s influence on his life led Kent to want to be successful from very early on. While in high school, he worked as a carpenter’s assistant during the summers and had a passion for it. Kent knew before he graduated high school that college was not for him.  Instead, he wanted to be a carpenter. For high school graduation his father gave him a complete new set of carpenter tools.

Working Life

Kent remained a full-time carpenter until age 24. At age 21 Kent and his best friend Rick Walters were hired by Gerry to move the largest building ever moved in Wyoming, a historic barn 6 miles up a rough country road from the family ranch in Wyoming. It was successfully moved onto Gerry and Imaging’s Thunderhead Ranch, East of Dubois, Wyoming. This refurbished old barn served it’s first 20 years supporting a large cattle operation and has served the last 26 years supporting trial lawyers, with dorms on the ground floor and the massive loft became the conference and gathering place for faculty and students, while trial lawyers learn “The Gerry Spence Method at Thunderhead Ranch”. 

It was Silkwood v. Kerr McGhee Corp. that would change Kent’s life forever. While doing carpentry on the ranch, Gerry was meeting with the Silkwood lawyers getting ready for what would become a nationally famous case. Kent had the amazing opportunity to sit around with the lawyers in the evening time, ask questions and learn about the social cause cases they were doing. So affected, Kent told his father that he may want to be a lawyer after all. He started college at age 24 that fall, 1978, at University of Montana, in Philosophy. Kent went to Mercer law school in Macon Georgia 1983-1986. 

Kent was extremely grateful to be able to attend 2 weeks of the Karen Silkwood Trail in 1979, where Gerry received a $10.5 million verdict against Kerr-McGee Corp.  Kent was in his second year at University of Montana, studying philosophy. 

This case was so well-known that it inspired the 1983 feature film “Silkwood“, with Meryl Streep.

Kent investigated and assisted Gerry during the Collin’s Catch the Bear first degree murder case, resulting in an acquittal. Collins was a Lakota Souix Indian.  Kent also played a supporting counsel role in the Sandra Jones murder case-later featured in Gerry Spence’s book “Smoking Gun.” Kent was co-counsel in the acquittal of Randy Weaver first-degree murder case, sitting next to his father during the 6 week trial. Kent broke the case open with evidence showing that the US Marshal that died was shot by “friendly fire” by a fellow US Marshal. Kent also co-counseled the Fouad Kaady civil rights case that appeared in Gerry’s book “Police State”. 


Kent has made a name for himself through hard work and tenacity. Kent graduated from the Trial Lawyers College at the Thunderhead Ranch in 1995. His work teaching lawyers at the Thunderhead Ranch for 24 years, training thousands of lawyers in the Gerry Spence Method, in the very Barn he moved, is very special for Kent.  

For over three decades, Kent Spence has secured well over 100 million dollars in jury verdicts and settlements in cases from coast to coast. Below are just some of his very successful cases:

  • Lee v. the California State Fair
  • Tom Cruz v. City of Laramie, WY
  • Jamie Bad Heart Bull v.City of Torrington, WY
  • Gates v. City of Broomfield Colo
  • Zack Nobel v. City of Broken Arrow, OK
  • Bobby Taylor v. Freedom Arms
  • Mike Melton v. Encana Corporation-settled well over 8 m
  • Shirley Nagel v. Harris County
  • The Randy Weaver Case (was co-counsel with Gerry Spence)

Kent served as President of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association for the year 2004-5. During that year Kent and Gerry, along with many other Wyoming trial lawyers, defeated tort reform which was on the ballot in Wyoming.

Kent remains a permit board member of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, to which he is still involved.
Kent has been a speaker and presenter nationally for most of his career.

Since 2008, Kent has held his position in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and has been on the Executive Committee for the same period.

Kent lives in Jackson Hole and East of Dubois, Wyoming.

Kent is the extremely proud Father of his amazing children,  daughter Ariella “Ari” and son Dylan.


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